An Idea in the World

The premise of this assignment was to use our obtained knowledge of graphic design to create a thought-provoking poster that would be put out into the world and ellicit a response from its viewers. I decided to reach out to a local animal shelter in Raleigh, NC to see if they would like to utilize my services. Luckily, they were preparing for an upcoming contest called the Triangle Tree Challenge, in which they had the chance to win $5,000. Below, you can see my first draft of the poster:


The coordinator with whom I'd be corresponding had the following to say in response to my first draft:

"The poster turned out so great!! Would that be okay if we made one or two suggestions for edits? The wording gets the message across perfectly, but I was wondering if we could maybe tweak this sentence: "Voting can be done twice per day from December" "From December 5th-19th voting can be done twice per day once by text (TREE 29) to 33733 and once by email at (vote for tree #29)" because we just want to make sure people understand they get 2 votes per day.

With the green and red serif fonts (they look really nice!), is there a way to make them slightly thicker and a little more prominent so that they will stand out from the background more---maybe closer to how you have the sentence at the bottom?

We really like how you put the poster together and we're wondering if you might be able to do another one as well and put a holiday picture of a cute dog (it can have the same format). If that's too much to do two, is there a way to just do one with a pic of both a cat and a dog because we were also hoping you might possibly let us use the one or both as banners on our website? Thank you so much!"

After considering their suggested revisions and applying them, I came up with the image below:


Click here for PDF version

I feel that it is much easier on the eyes, and conveys the pertinent information in a more concise and easy-to-access manner. I received the following reaction from the same coordinator:

"Thank you--the poster looks perfect! We'll really appreciate being able to send it out to our supporters (in flyer and poster form)!! I love how the wording conveys our message too! Thank you so much for doing this project to help our rescue!"

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this project, as it was very rewarding to be able to apply the skills I've learned this semester in a way that created viable results. Even better was the fact that my creation was used to support a cause that I feel strongly about.

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