10 Interesting Graphics

I find these graphics interesting because...

…it is simple, attention grabbing, and the lightning bolt design brings the terms “fast” to mind – something that people tend to look for in a car. bolt
…the contrast between the background, box, hands, and arrows make the graphic appealing and easy to follow. The box or the wrap do not block the view of the hand(s) at any point. clingwrap
…the half oval resembles a aerial view of half of a plate. The design is simple, yet encourages the viewer to use their imagination. kitchn
…each strand is illustrated using a different color, which makes the instructions easier to follow. The directional arrows remove any room for interpretation as to where each strand goes. frenchbraid
…the colors go well together, and are very memorable and recognizable. The lightning bolt is effective, considering this is primarily an athlete’s drink, and they always desire quickness and energy, both of with are associated with lightning bolts. gatorade
…the letters ‘M’ and ‘H’ are converged to create a simple, modern house-like shape. modernhouse
…there is clearly an “A”, which stands for the company name. ‘Aspheim’ is a company that makes and sells pianos, so the shape of the ‘A’ in the graphic is cleverly designed to mimic the shape of a piano. piano
…the colors are eye-grabbing, but the design itself is simple. The red circle is symbolic of the Japanese flag, and the bamboo adds some flair and color contrast. sushi
…most ‘apoteks’ (pharmacies) in Europe use green text, but this one uses blue and yellow. In this way, it is memorable and people may associate it as being a better pharmacy because it stands out more. Also, the logo preceding the text allows foreigners, such as myself, to quickly figure out what kind of a company it is. vitus
…the single line make the graphic simple, but it is shaped to resemble a cocktail glass – these details encompass both the “wire” and “bar’ aspect of the company. wirebar
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