Maps & Numbers

A Look at Infographics

This assignment was focused on looking at previously created work rather than making our own. By analyzing the use of images combined with statistics (infographics), we were able to get a much better understanding of how to effectively convey a message. Through discussions with our classmates, we came to the conclusion that understanding these numerical representations was made much simpler by the use of graphics.


1. Why the sharp rise in obesity during the 1980s?

2. Why is it important to distinguish between overweight and obese?


1. Based on the previous infographic, which country do you think is actually the healthiest?

2. Why didn't vegetables make the cut?


1. What does this graphic tell us about emerging business and job trends?

2. What does this graphic suggest about global connectedness?


1. Have you noticed these colors appealing to you while shopping?

2. Which businesses come to mind for certain colors? Do they follow the patterns above?


1. Why might have the designer chose the colors that they did?

2. Would this information differ greatly if people from another country were polled?

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