Photo as Object

Prompt: Print five of your photos at 4x6. Create five postcards; you can write whatever you want on the back, but think of something that might be special if someone were to find this in an attic somewhere in the future. It could be a quote, a poem, a recipe, a joke, etc. The images and writing can be the same for all five cards or different. Send them to the four people in class who follow you alphabetically by last name. For one of these people, I would also like you to send along an envelope with a little bit of dirt from your yard or outside your building (or a leaf, or a bit of moss or a pebble -- something from near where you live). You only have to do this for one person. This is important, as this dirt will be used in a future assignment.

The following images are the ones I chose to print and send to my classmates.






And this is a documentation of the process of getting them from my house to my classmates'.

I chose to put meaningful quotes on the backs of my photos.

Enveloped by envelopes.

Vincent is my loyal study buddy.

And he gets the payoff of playing with the sticky-trash from sealing the envelopes.

I chose to send a sprig of bamboo from my yard.

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